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Summer Missionary

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Be a GMTC Summer Missionary!

The goal of our Summer Outreach is to glorify the Lord by sharing the Gospel and instructing with truths from His Word so that people grow to know God better and serve Him. We do this through programs held in parks, campgrounds, churches, and homes. This is done as we work with GMTC Summer Missionaries, who devote a portion of their summer to work with us for the Lord and reach out to children and families.

In order to conduct an excellent Summer Outreach that is glorifying to the Lord, GMTC needs individuals who want to give of themselves, their time, their work, their talent in order to reach out to Pocono area children. No previous missions experience is necessary, but the following are necessary:

  1. a dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus,
  2. a love for kids,
  3. a desire to learn, grow, and do things you never did before,
  4. and a willingness to study and work hard for God's glory.

In return, the GMTC Summer Missionary will gain the following as a result of our Summer Outreach program:

  1. a chance to meet, work, and play with brothers and sisters who share your desire to serve the Lord;
  2. plenty of opportunities to see the Lord work miracles in the lives of children;
  3. an option to raise and earn an honorarium for your time spent as a GMTC SM;
  4. experiences that you will remember all your lifetime;
  5. training that will empower you to better minister in your home church after the summer is over.
Summer Missionary Orientation (SMO)

The first phase of Summer Outreach is SMO. At SMO, team members get to spend time in a variety of activities allowing them to get to know the rest of the team. This time is not just social activities though; you will receive your teaching materials, scripts, study materials and handbook so you can prepare for summer ministry and functioning within the team. Training includes sessions on presenting the Gospel to children, counseling children, along with various team-building activities. All SM candidates are expected to complete these mandatory study assignments before the start of the summer. Participants are asked to bring a sleeping bag/pillow/blanket, and a teachable heart.

Other training sessions vary from year to year, but may include:

  • What is a Bible Club, and What Are We Trying To Do?
  • Doctrine: You'd Better Be Ready Because They Do Ask;
  • Scripture Memory - Dos and Don'ts;
  • How to Teach Scripture Using Music;
  • Discipline for the Children's Worker.

In addition, all team members will study a designated book of the Bible using a provided devotional, and discussion will be held in team meetings.

Summer Outreach

For the Summer Missionary, Summer Outreach is both demanding and rewarding. The schedule to which you commit is intense, but we wouldn't want it any other way!

Good News Puppets Upcoming Appearances
August 29-September 1
Triplebrook Camp Resort
Hope, NJ
September 6
"Light in the Park" @ West End Fairground
Gilbert, PA
October 18-19
Calvary Bible Church Missions Conference
East Stroudsburg, PA
October 25
Countryside Fall Festival
Brodheadsville, PA

How to Become a GMTC Summer Missionary

Pray about this opportunity and ask the Lord to lead you about the time He's given you in the coming summer. If He leads you to apply, contact our office and request an application, or get an application from our website. Be aware that all missionaries will be expected to raise $450support which will help cover expenses. Missionaries are permitted to raise limited additional support for a personal honorarium, with the permission of parents and home church. (This honorarium was instituted to help those that were foregoing summer employment opportunities in order to serve the Lord with GMTC.)

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of this information. May the Lord show you His plan for your summer!

Contact us by email.
or send mail to: Gospel Ministries to Children, PO Box 478, Millrift, PA 18340.

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