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Host a Summer Bible Club

A Summer Bible Club is a meeting for a group of children, ages 4-12, that meets for one hour a day for four days to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. These clubs are held in the neighborhood homes of respected Christian families, public schools, churches or apartment complexes, and are taught by Summer Missionaries who have completed our Summer Missionary Training School.

Aims of the Bible Club

  1. To teach children the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage them in spiritual growth;
  2. To provide an unthreatening avenue to invite unchurched families to Bible-teaching churches;
  3. To establish contact with neighborhood families through the children that attend club;
  4. To share the Gospel with these neighborhood families as the opportunity arises.

What Do I Need to Do?

You are not expected to do any of the teaching of the club. Your biggest responsibility is to invite the children to attend. There are many different ways that you can invite children to your club. You may go door to door, make phone contacts, or invite children any way you can. If you have children, you may ask them to help you. Other than that, you provide a suitable location for the club (inside, or outside with necessary protection from the elements), and offer a light snack for the children at the end of the club.

To help you in inviting children, we can provide an invitation form which you may choose to use. As you invite children, you can let parents know they are welcome to visit if they like.

The Bible Club will include a variety of activities, including singing, games, a missionary story, an applied Bible memory verse, and a Bible lesson appropriate to all children regardless of their prior knowledge of the Bible.

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