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GMTC Bible Olympics Rules & Information

Participation in Events

Your church may participate in any or all of the events. Participation in one event doesn't require that your church enters a team in other events. Also, you may choose to enter the same kids in all events, or have different kids for each event.


Every participant will be honored with a certificate of participation, and first-, second- and third-place participants in each event will be awarded a Bible Olympic medal (in team events, each member of a winning team will receive a medal).


If you have any questions about an event or its rules, please contact us in advance of the competition. In the meantime, some samples are provided for three of the events to help you prepare your youth and help them understand the competition in advance. These samples are intended to give the adult advisor a feeling for the style and difficulty level of the material. Again, please contact us if you need any questions answered to help you prepare your church's participants.

Bible Sword Drill Relay Race

Our Sword Drill relay event will be a new twist on an old favorite activity. Each team will be made of four members. The first team to finish and have all sixteen words correctly filled in is the winner. In the event that no team has all sixteen correct, then the winner will be the first one with fifteen correct answers.

Bible Art Contest

In the Bible Art contest, participants will design a flat, unframed graphic that is hand-drawn, colored, or painted ahead of time and bring the completed work to the Olympics. Artists should work individually - no team effort is allowed on this event. The size should be 16 inches to 24 inches, by 24 inches to 36 inches, and it is suggested that the surface be white posterboard (department stores commonly sell inexpensive white posterboard 22 inches by 28 inches). The graphic must incorporate a Bible verse or passage printed as part of it, and the artwork should be designed by the artist to bring out the meaning or application of the chosen verse. A panel of judges will choose winners based on creativity, artistic quality and on how well and cleverly the artwork brings out the meaning of the scripture on it. Your church may have up to eight submissions in this event, and each artist should be in attendance.

Bible Skit Contest

In the Bible Skit Contest, teams two to four participants will choose a Bible passage as a theme, and write a skit designed to teach the meaning/application of that scripture. The skit may be any genre chosen by the team. While adults are allowed to help in coaching or directing, the entire skit should be written by members of the team. The chosen scripture must be spoken at least once as a line in the skit.

At the Bible Olympics, the skit will be presented by the team and judged with respect to creativity, interest, performance quality, and how well the team has communicated the meaning of their chosen scripture. Costumes and props are permitted, but not required.

Bible Counseling

This event is intended to cause participants to focus on the Bible's application to our daily lives. Each team of four members will be given a story about a person their age with a real-life problem or dilemma to solve (problems will be age-appropriate, dealing with subjects such as peer pressure, relationships, personal responsibility and integrity, respecting authority, etc.). Each team will have thirty minutes to read and discuss the problem and write how they would counsel this person to deal with their problem. Written solutions will be read and judged based on how well the team applied principles from God's Word to the problem, with extra merit being earned for being able to quote applicable scriptures.

Bible Quiz Bowl

In the Bible Quiz Bowl competition, this year we will focus on James (NKJV). Some of the questions we'll be asking will call for understanding, and a fair number of them will require verbatim answers, so memorization is important. Each team will have four members all participating at once, so it would be appropriate to have each player memorize at least a chapter or two, so between your team members you've got the whole book covered.

Each match will have three rounds. The first round is called the Buzzer Round, with each question worth five points. The second round will be the Category Round. Round Three will be the Stump the Experts Round. In this round, we'll be asking a series of 15-point buzz-in questions.

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