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Bible Olympics 2016 Wrap-Up

The eighteenth annual Bible Olympics were held on October 22, 2016 at Calvary Bible Church in East Stroudsburg, PA. It was a great day all around for all the participants from the different churches., The day began with some widely varied Bible skits. We had some great Bible Art. For the first time in many years, the Quiz Bowl event had three teams on the championship stage at once, competing in an exciting match in which Grace Fellowship Church of Port Jervis, NY won their second gold medal in that event in three years and claimed the Carl Van Buskirk Memorial Trophy. Many other expemplary efforts in other events were rewarded with medals. In the long run their effort and participation will reap much greater rewards as they study and apply God's Word.

GMTC's Holiday Programs

Increasingly, today's typical child has little or no knowledge of the spiritual truths underlying even the most commonly celebrated Christian holidays of Christmas or Easter. Our society often deflects attention away from the spiritual truths related to Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection. Many children lack even the most basic knowledge about the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.

GMTC's Holiday programs are one-day programs conducted in homes, churches, and public places to share the Good News with children and families. We've also done special Gospel programs for Martin Luther King day and Valentine's Dayl.

So many people will celebrate the holidays in their own special, traditional ways this year. Why not consider offering an alternative that will let you share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those around you? Please consider our Holiday Party ministry as a way to refocus attention on the real Reason for the Seasons.




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