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GMTC Bible Olympics COVID-Edition 2020

We want to give you an update about our upcoming Bible Olympics on October 17. We have adjusted the program for this year, cutting out portions and leaving only the following three events: Bible Quiz Bowl (Philippians NKJV this year), Bible Art, Bible Skit. All of these will be done remotely – photos of Bible Art and videos of Bible Skit entries will be accepted up until the morning of October 17. Bible Quiz Bowl will be done remotely over Zoom for each church involved. And for this year, there will be NO ENTRY FEE for a church, but we need to have your registrations in by October 9.

If your church would benefit by participating in this year’s special version of the Bible Olympics, please forward this email to the youth leaders responsible for grades 5-8.

Contact us for more information if you may be interested.


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